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In the case of Hangouts, your pessimism is unfounded. Hangouts works great on all platforms that I've used it on. Best, Erik

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Not that I use any of those. Facetime is for Apple products only, while I always thought Google Hangouts was more akin to TeamTalk than Skype, I.E. a conferencing platform. Not to mention, the one time I was requested to join a Google Hangouts meeting it wasn’t very accessible. Of course that was a few years ago, it could easily have changed since then. But given mainstream software’s priorities, I.E. hogging our systems with unnecessary pretty pictures, I believe it could also have easily gone from bad to worse. Hell...Skype versions 1, and possibly 2, were the best as far as accessibility went. No scripts needed. Now look at it!
Maybe I should release 8 major versions encompassing several hundred builds of an audio game where only about 10% of them include new worlds while the rest are merely audio tweaks. That’s a fair representation of a boatload of software methinks. Welcome to mainstream frustrations...
To take another example, the genealogy database software I used previously was full of bugs and was very slow at searching, generating reports, importing and exporting etc. Then a new major version came out, and the only major thing that its change log could boast of in its update was colour tagging!
Anyways. Think I best go before I start on a full-on rant about things that I perhaps don’t, and could never, understand. Lol.
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I don’t blame you, now with facetime, google hangouts, etc, skype really has died.
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I’ll be abandoning Skype when 7 dies as well. I’ve had a mess with 8, and as far as I’m concerned, it stinks.
It’s a shame though. While I also have a TeamTalk server, and while the quality is indeed a lot better, TeamTalk is meant, A, for teams, and B, not for telephony. To use TeamTalk as a substitute for Skype would be a pain, since someone would first have to contact you by other means to ask you to come on TT, something which obviously isn’t necessary with Skype.
Not only that, but perhaps the biggest issue is that Skype was my primary telephone.
So yeah. Going Skypeless will indeed take a lot of getting used to.
I can’t ever see me going back to Skype. Crashes, accessibility shortfalls and process hogging are only the primary issues. And there’s me thinking Skype could never be any slower and broken than it already was in 7.
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i agree, i only use team talk, as i have my own server, and the quality is much better.
e-mail me off list if you wish to join my server.
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Subject: [nvda] Phasing out of 7

The below page from Doug lee explains the phasing out of Skype 7 in favor of Skype 8 or the Universal App on windows 10. I have no idea what you folks on XP will do, but I stopped using Skype in favor of team talk anyway.

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