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Are you trying to hive off all emails from this list into another folder so you can sort them at your leisure, rather than having them all come into your inbox?
I do not know thunderbirds rules myself, but it should be possible as I note that all the mail delivered to us from this list have the list email address in the to line of the header. I'd imagine creating a folder called nvda mail list and then a rule that basically says, if the to line contains the name of the list, move it to the folder specified, and not for getting to tell it to stop processing any other rules you may have created, should fis it.I'll let a Tbird expert deal with where and how, but most email software has this feature assuming use of pop3. It is not usually possible on IMAP or web mail, but I do think Googles web interface can do this and more, so you should be fine on other platforms.
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Hi people!
Happy new group!
Now my question concerns gMail and the letters coming in the folder:
important. It's simply awful always to send letters to another folders
where they have to be and to delete the unnecessary ones. I'm already
tired to do this and it is lost time by the way.
So how to do so that in the folder: important not to go letters but me
alone to decide which letter to put there? Also by mozilla thunderBird
which postklient I'm working with. Thanks in advance!

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