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Sarah k Alawami

I use zoom for my business meetings. I need skype though for one  of my jobs as thats how I teach my students. I send and receive files, voice clips when needed, and chats as well as assignment links for my students as well, so zoom will not work in this case.. Plus their internet is not that good. 5 megabits down by about 1 up. We sometimes cannot hold a conversation that way lol!

Take care

On Feb 15, 2018, at 8:23 AM, Peter Beasley <pjbeasley23@...> wrote:

I don't know anyone who uses it, but there is a client called Zoom. The site is

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Hi Zara,
As I said. TeamTalk is for realtime conferencing, not telephony, and
unfortunately I am unaware of any other programs that allow for direct
telephony like Skype does.
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which program should i use instead of skype for telephony?
i am using skype 7.36 now, but version 7 have many accessibility
issues and even the program sometimes closed without my will!
i did not have this problem using version 6 of skype
can someone off list help me to learn how to use teamtalk for telephony?
the advantage of teamtalk is not forcing update!
i can download any version that i want to use and keep it forever
without update and worried for update and compatibility with my

On 2/15/18, Michael Capelle <mcapelle@...> wrote:
I don’t blame you, now with facetime, google hangouts, etc, skype really has

From: Damien Garwood
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I’ll be abandoning Skype when 7 dies as well. I’ve had a mess with 8, and as
far as I’m concerned, it stinks.
It’s a shame though. While I also have a TeamTalk server, and while the
quality is indeed a lot better, TeamTalk is meant, A, for teams, and B, not
for telephony. To use TeamTalk as a substitute for Skype would be a pain,
since someone would first have to contact you by other means to ask you to
come on TT, something which obviously isn’t necessary with Skype.
Not only that, but perhaps the biggest issue is that Skype was my primary
So yeah. Going Skypeless will indeed take a lot of getting used to.
I can’t ever see me going back to Skype. Crashes, accessibility shortfalls
and process hogging are only the primary issues. And there’s me thinking
Skype could never be any slower and broken than it already was in 7.

From: Michael Capelle
Sent: Thursday, February 15, 2018 2:17 PM
Subject: Re: [nvda] Phasing out of 7

i agree, i only use team talk, as i have my own server, and the quality is
much better.
e-mail me off list if you wish to join my server.

From: Robert Kingett
Sent: Thursday, February 15, 2018 8:15 AM
Subject: [nvda] Phasing out of 7

The below page from Doug lee explains the phasing out of Skype 7 in favor of
Skype 8 or the Universal App on windows 10. I have no idea what you folks on
XP will do, but I stopped using Skype in favor of team talk anyway.

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