Re: CodeFactory voices constantly malfunctioning

Sam Bushman

According the code factory FAQ - you need to be online - they system
confirms it's licensing over the internet at least once a month. If it
doesn't see the connection and confirm it deactivates.

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Yeah! This has happened to me also. I find that making sure that I fire up
NVDA periodically with the Code Factory voices keeps this from happening.


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Six or so months ago, I purchased the CodeFactory Synthesizers and
it on one machine. On a regular bases, when I load NVDA, I discover that
the system asks me to activate the product. Then I run the activation
program at least ten times; I did not use codefactory for three or four
months; when I opened it up again, the voices were gone and NVDA went back
to its original state; I tried to reactivate the program and the system
tells me that all of my counts have been used up; that is not possible
because I only have the product on one machine; when I try to deactivate
this one instance of the program key, I get the message that all three
are used and nothing else can be done; what is going on with this program
and how can I make it work again? Why must I keep activating this
I enjoy NVDA better with the CodeFactory voices; otherwise it sounds too
much like a machine and not that pleasant to listen to. I hope someone
tell me what to do with this product.

James Robinson

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