skype phase out



Yeah we can no longer get skype classic anymore people have put it out on dropbox, technically you can still get it if you have a tablet but still.

Someone needs to tell microsoft that skype 8 is not really that accessible, and as well as that maybe the classic desktop interface at least some of it should become part of the skype app.

For now, skyprivate seems to have the file.

The article I got from it was updated on the 15th and explains how to get skype going and I found it with skype classic on google search.

I am going to have to backup my skype classic to my dropbox though its a real shame ms is killing skype for its users now.

I still use it off and on if skype is becomming inaccessible, well that will become a problem.

I used it to help family members get a job, if it goes away I will have to say I can no longer help anymore.

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