Re: Phasing out of 7


well look on my last message, I am seriously thinking there should be a page up, with things that have become inaccessible and the last accessible versions be posted to it, skype classic for example is really hard to et, I have it here on my dropbox now, I have also got windows task manager, I think calc pluss should go there but my dropbox really can't take loads and loads of things, win10 calc does work for the most part so I am not as concerned about that.

Its a pitty ms doesn't keep the classic interface, ok most of the web skype7 interface sucks but what I want are all the hotkeys and the lists for messages and contacts pluss all the menus if that can be replicated somehow either in the universal app or skype 8 or simply allow us to keep skype7 for as long as we can would be fine.

I'd prefer that the universal app get a desktop layout for desktops and a way to switch to it with a key and get all our hotkeys back to be honest but still.

On 16/02/2018 3:15 a.m., Robert Kingett wrote:
The below page from Doug lee explains the phasing out of Skype 7 in favor of Skype 8 or the Universal App on windows 10. I have no idea what you folks on XP will do, but I stopped using Skype in favor of team talk anyway.

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