Re: NVDA Says too much

Adriani Botez


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To stop reporting menu item, list item and so on, you can also try to use this addon, Audiotheme. You can assign your own sounds or you can just delete them and put mute sounds in there to avoid NVDA speaking the elements you don't Need to be reported.

You can download it here:


2018-02-16 11:55 GMT+01:00 Chris Bezant <chrisbezant999@...>:

I just joined today. I am partially sighted and have been using NVDA for a while now and would be lost without it.
My question is: How can I stop it saying Menu Item, List Item etc?
Looking down a list of menu items I would like it to just say the item.
I hope this makes sense and hope it's not too trivial.
Thanks for any help.
Chris Bezant


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