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It's really unfortunate that using google well isn't taught as a part of computer training for blind people.  Of course, using google is taught but some of the most valuable ways to use it aren't taught.  Here is one:
If information is public, such as would be expected in looking for information referring to OE Classic identities, you can save an enormous amount of time and work by just doing a Google search.  I did one for OE Classic identities and this is the first result, first the link text, then the address of the page.
OE Classic - Help - Identities
Try applying this in general.  I almost never go to sites to look around any more.  If I want to find an NVDA add on and I know the kind of add on I'm looking for, I would do a Google search.  For example, NVDA weather add on
This is the first result:
Weather Plus - NVDA add-ons
You shouldn't just follow such links without knowing where they lead.  What if a malicious site is pretending to be the NVDA official add ons page?
Underneath the link, you will see the address, as follows: -
You know that is the correct address so you can follow the link and get to the safe and proper site.

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I have no idea if it has identities but version 28 has not hit the free version yet. My guess is that when 29 hits the pro version 28 will be free. I think its like $30? Anyway, I looked in the help files but could not find anything about identities. I would have a poke around on their FAQ and news blog. Their website is below.

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