Re: Phasing out of 7


Skype for me is only if I call someone or read a chat, I rarely ever stay active for more than a few seconds.

On 17/02/2018 1:54 a.m., Robert Kingett wrote:
I put up with skype only because so many other people use it. Unless someone wants to call me, I use skype on Miranda NG, which is only the text chatting portion. If someone desperately wants to talk to me in real time, I have Zello for that. If I want to host a writing session or something, I use team talk. I am probably the only one who does not use all these aps on my Iphone. That's why I have not gotten a whatsapp account yet. Although, if they ever update the whatsapp add on for Miranda NG I will sign up. Call me a rebel, I guess, but why should I IM on a phone when I have a desktop and laptop?
This is making me miss AIM more and more. Honestly. Hell, even MSN messanger was good! well, it worked.
Anyway, small rant over! LOL. I log onto the public TT server most times and create password protected rooms. Thanks for the server invite! I may consider it.
My contact page, below, has all the ways someone can get in touch with me. I don't do real time VOIP chatting all that much anymore unless someone really wants to. Even then it's in hangouts or something where I control the time.
Anyway, see the below link!
Microsoft should have never bought skype. Seriously.

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