Re: usable torrent client recommendations?

John Isige

I didn't particularly like it. You can't get to the downloading torrents, as far as I can tell. In UTorrent or however you spell it, once you get rid of the ads, you can tab to the list. NVDA doesn't read it by default, i.e. if you arrow through it, but you can use screen review or object, I forget which right at the moment, to see what you're dealing with.

Also, just for fun I deleted a torrent after it downloaded. That made it throw fifty million notifications about an I/O error, which didn't even cease after I exited the program. I had to uninstall it to make them stop. That's just sloppy. If the file was in use, as it clearly should have been since the program kept trying to access it, it shouldn't have allowed it to be deleted.

That's just me though. I mean it's not horrible or anything, and in some ways it was a bit more accessible. I just don't really see a reason to switch. I should add I deleted the downloaded folder from Windows Explorer, not QBittorrent itself. But again, I shouldn't have been allowed to do that, since QBittorrent was clearly trying to access it on a regular basis after the deletion occurred, it threw a notification every few seconds.

On 2/17/2018 19:48, Lenron wrote:

Not all torrenting is bad, and yes q bit is great.

On 2/17/18, erik burggraaf <erik@...> wrote:
Or legal live recordings of music artists.

On February 17, 2018 10:41:21 AM "Josh Kennedy" <joshknnd1982@...>

use qBittorrent. its quite accessible and you can just grab it from

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