Re: a bit of help before I go in for job training: question about dragon and NVDA

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I think Dragon is quite processor intensive. I could never get it to work well in xp.

Not tried it of late myself though.
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Subject: [nvda] a bit of help before I go in for job training: question about dragon and NVDA

Hello. I applied for and almost got the job for being a caption call agent. The problem is this. what ever tools they use once dragon starts to read back what I said, the system chokes and the screen readers start to stutter and the computers freeze. I suggested NVDA but I believe this even happens there. is there someone with dragon that would be able to test all of this? maybe someone who could work with me and caption call as I'm working with their HR department. They said they have to go according to what goes with the memory of their systems which right now are 32 bit. what should I tell them in order for them to be on the right track. I even recommended some non nvda tools such as Jaws and JSay but I want to promote NVDA at my job in case they don't want to or can't use jaws. Is there someone who might be able to do an add on, or something I can do to make dragon work better than it is now? I know the issues they are talking about as I'be seen this happen on all the platforms. if need be I can ask them to contact who ever would be able to help. For those interested go to and maybe contact their HR department. See if you can get in touch with them and explain what to do as I want to give this a try and see if this can indeed be done.

Take care all.

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