Re: More on the nvdaHelperRemote (outprocMgrThreadFunc) error in new snapshots

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Yes I was wondering about the next snap. I have had no problems in windows 7 but as windows 10 seems to be changing almost as much as the weather these days, its not surprising if things get a little out of step. I would advice this person to be careful though when installing the master snap over a next one. Things can go pear shaped, best save a portable version somewhere before installing it.
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Subject: Re: [nvda] More on the nvdaHelperRemote (outprocMgrThreadFunc) error in new snapshots

The log and your post doesn't match up. You say you're using master snapshots, but the log says you're actually using a next branch snapshot. Also, for situations like this, an info log won't help - you might want to set log level to debug and see if it can give you more info. Also, please do try using master snapshot (not next) and see if it fixes this.

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Subject: [nvda] More on the nvdaHelperRemote (outprocMgrThreadFunc) error in new snapshots

Hello especially to the developers

Some days ago I reported that I have been getting an error with every master snapshot after 4 February. The header of the error message is:

nvdaHelperRemote (outprocMgrThreadFunc)

And the error text is:

Error registering focus winEvent hook

This only happens on my 64 bit machine. I have included the start-up log
for NVDA below. All add-ons were disabled to eliminate any of them as
the cause and UAC is set to 0. Here is the log which I hope will make
sense to some and clarify this very worrying problem:

INFO - __main__ (13:30:58.799):
Starting NVDA
INFO - core.main (13:30:59.378):
Config dir: C:\Users\Christo\AppData\Roaming\nvda
INFO - config.ConfigManager._loadConfig (13:30:59.378):
Loading config: C:\Users\Christo\AppData\Roaming\nvda\nvda.ini
INFO - core.main (13:30:59.482):
NVDA version next-14860,d6c75234
INFO - core.main (13:30:59.482):
Using Windows version 10.0.16299 workstation
INFO - core.main (13:30:59.482):
Using Python version 2.7.14 (v2.7.14:84471935ed, Sep 16 2017, 20:19:30)
[MSC v.1500 32 bit (Intel)]
INFO - core.main (13:30:59.482):
Using comtypes version 1.1.3
ERROR - RPC process 10068 (nvda.exe) (13:30:59.917):
Thread 724, build\x86\remote\injection.cpp, inprocMgrThreadFunc, 168:
SetWinEventHook failed

INFO - synthDrivers.espeak.SynthDriver.__init__ (13:31:00.233):
Using eSpeak NG version 1.49.3-dev
INFO - synthDriverHandler.setSynth (13:31:00.378):
Loaded synthDriver espeak
INFO - core.main (13:31:00.380):
Using wx version msw (classic)
INFO - brailleInput.initialize (13:31:00.382):
Braille input initialized
INFO - braille.initialize (13:31:00.384):
Using liblouis version 3.3.0
INFO - braille.BrailleHandler.setDisplayByName (13:31:00.387):
Loaded braille display driver noBraille, current display has 0 cells.
INFO - _UIAHandler.UIAHandler.MTAThreadFunc (13:31:00.661):
UIAutomation: IUIAutomation3
INFO - core.main (13:31:02.700):
NVDA initialized
INFO - globalCommands.GlobalCommands.script_navigatorObject_devInfo
Developer info for navigator object:
name: u'nvda_snapshot_next-14860,d6c75234.exe'
isFocusable: True
hasFocus: True
Python object: <NVDAObjects.Dynamic_UIItemListItemUIA object at 0x07989C50>
Python class mro: (<class 'NVDAObjects.Dynamic_UIItemListItemUIA'>,
<class 'NVDAObjects.UIA.UIItem'>, <class 'NVDAObjects.UIA.ListItem'>,
<class 'NVDAObjects.UIA.UIA'>, <class 'NVDAObjects.window.Window'>,
<class 'NVDAObjects.NVDAObject'>, <class
'documentBase.TextContainerObject'>, <class
'baseObject.ScriptableObject'>, <class 'baseObject.AutoPropertyObject'>,
<type 'object'>)
description: ''
location: (174, 420, 598, 22)
value: ''
appModule: <'explorer' (appName u'explorer', process ID 3504) at address
appModule.productName: u'Microsoft\xae Windows\xae Operating System'
appModule.productVersion: u'10.0.16299.15'
TextInfo: <class 'NVDAObjects.NVDAObjectTextInfo'>
windowHandle: 1838422
windowClassName: u'DirectUIHWND'
windowControlID: 0
windowStyle: 1442840576
windowThreadID: 9364
windowText: u''
displayText: u''
UIAElement: <POINTER(IUIAutomationElement) ptr=0x879bec0 at 798b030>
UIA automationID: 39
UIA frameworkID: DirectUI
UIA runtimeID: (3504, 145482880, 0)
UIA providerDescription: [pid:3504,providerId:0x0 Main(parent
link):Unidentified Provider (unmanaged:explorerframe.dll)]
UIA className: UIItem
UIA patterns available: LegacyIAccessiblePattern, InvokePattern,
ScrollItemPattern, SelectionItemPattern, ValuePattern

A solution and/or suggestions would be more than welcome. I am seriously
worried about this error that it might go through to the 2018.1 release.

Kind regards


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