qbittorrent was Re: [nvda] usable torrent client recommendations?

erik burggraaf <erik@...>

I just installed qbittorrent. Unfortunately, I didn't keep the email about how to make the transfer treeview accessible. I googled it, but only got a page full of sponsored content and forum posts about nvidia stuff. Google seems to be less now than it once was. IE, NVDA and NVidia are not the same thing, sighs.

I can use object navigation to see what's in the tree, but given hundreds of torrents, looking at each piece of info individually for each one is possibly not the most efficient way.



On February 19, 2018 5:47:43 AM "Simone Dal Maso" <simone.dalmaso@...> wrote:

I use qBitTorrent.
The problem is landing in the download area to check what is happening,
but it is free without ads and after having configured it one time it works.

Il 16/02/2018 22:55, JM Casey ha scritto:
Hello everyone.

I have been using Utorrent, or Mu-torrent, as it is sometimes called. I
ended up with some build of 3.5 on this Windows 10 machine. It is not
totally unusable, but the ads have a tendency to get stuck and crash the
program. It also causes firefox to crash on a semi-regular basis. I was
even willing to “upgrade to pro”, to get rid of the ads, but clicking on
the link takes me to some silly games page, and while I’m sure it’s
possible to get to the correct page from there, I got this inexplicable
impression that the developers did not actually want me to upgrade the
software at all, since they make the path so cryptic. In short, I think
I would feel more comfortable with a different client altogether. Of
course, I am looking for one that is very configurable and which plays
nice with NVDA. Have you fine folks any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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