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Not in my experience. I don't know how many jaws you've authorised, but I've done at least 50 over the years.

It's tied to your computer hardware. I've deactivated jaws by installing a new hard drive or optical drive, upgrading video card drivers, and more. There was even a run of dell vostro laptops that had two video cards, one for high performance when plugged in and the other for power conservation when on battery. Guess what happened when customers plugged and unplugged their laptops? You got it. And don't get me started on what happens to jaws licences in virtual environments.

Now maybe they have relaxed the licencing to account for some of these issues. It has been at least four years. Still, it's an issue that cost vast amounts of time and money in the past.



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I've never seen this licensing scheme before. If you buy a license for JAWS,
it's yours no matter how often you use the program.


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You know, I have had it with this CodeFactory thing of deactivating
constantly. I checked out one of the Microsoft voices they have in NVDA
this voice is not too bad; it is not as clear as Eloquence or the
Expressive voices, but it is a little better than the standard NVDA voice
my opinion. I think CodeFactory could make this program permanent with
as it is with other screen readers. They end up making the program far
much trouble to use in NVDA than it is worth. I'll just eat the cost
because I don't expect them to do anything about the crazy requirements
using the voices. I'll thkink twice before I purchase such software in

Can we use any other Microsoft voices that windows offers? If so, how do
do it?

James Robinson

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