Re: Giving up on CodeFactory voices in NVDA

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Would it be worth contacting CF and informing him of the issues we’re having with the licensing system?

On 20 Feb 2018, at 09:19, Shaun Everiss <> wrote:

Well you can't they no longer sell them directly I got a sale a couple years back but honestly they aren't really worth it.

I was hoping to get vocaliser or acapella or ivona or one of the packs.

On 20/02/2018 9:25 p.m., mattias wrote:
How do you buy the inoetics voices?

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Från: Shaun Everiss
Skickat: den 20 februari 2018 03:15
Ämne: Re: [nvda] Giving up on CodeFactory voices in NVDA

I was going to buy the code factory voices from atguys, I have the
inoetics voices but they just never met my needs and now inoetics is not
hancling the voices now.

My only hope is that I spend either on acapella or well who knows
something else.

As for the voices, in regional and language settings of windows, install
every language you want the voice for, then in each language open that
up hit options and hit all the download buttons.

Once its all loaded remove all the extra languages and your voices and
others will stay.

On 20/02/2018 6:06 a.m., James Robinson wrote:

You know, I have had it with this CodeFactory thing of deactivating
constantly. I checked out one of the Microsoft voices they have in NVDA and
this voice is not too bad; it is not as clear as Eloquence or the Vocalizer
Expressive voices, but it is a little better than the standard NVDA voice in
my opinion. I think CodeFactory could make this program permanent with NVDA
as it is with other screen readers. They end up making the program far too
much trouble to use in NVDA than it is worth. I'll just eat the cost
because I don't expect them to do anything about the crazy requirements for
using the voices. I'll thkink twice before I purchase such software in the

Can we use any other Microsoft voices that windows offers? If so, how do we
do it?

James Robinson


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