Re: Vocalizer Expressive sapi voices

Chris Shook <chris0309@...>

I recently found out CodeFactory is selling a package containing Vocalizer expressive sapi voices that will work with any screen reader.
I am using it right now and have tested it with both Narrator and NVDA. So far, everything is working great.
I especially like the User dictionary.
Unlike the Vocalizer expressive and eloquence for NVDA, from what I've read, you can supposedly transfer your license from your old computer to a new one if it updates.
If any of you are interested, ATGuys is the one selling the product. It's 115 dollars, but keep in mind, it does allow you to use the voices with any screen reader. When you compare it to the Sapi voices for Acapela that cost 299 dollars, it's a pretty good deal.

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