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It sounds like perhaps the orientation is set wrong for that particular document. I have seen this happen before and I think switching manually to landscape fixed the problem. But it was years ago and I don't think I can replicate this, now. I had Adobe Reader then, an old version, and looking through various options in Acrobat quickly, now, I cannot figure out exactly how to do this, so I see through google that there are some threads about it. I don't know, if any case, if this really is the problem. But you could try experimenting with it....

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I've seen this before and it drives me nuts. I have not tried this as of yet but what happens when you maximize the window? I just deal with it as I do very very little reading on my windows machine.

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I have this problem in nvda with this pdf, but have experienced it on other files. Nvda, for some wierd reason, startsspliting words into lines in parts of the document. For instance, the word the is split as follows.



This occurs with large paragraphs of text. However, when selecting those so called lines, and pasting into word, they read just fine. Also, spelling with the left and right arrow spell fine. How do I fix this?

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