Re: Vocalizer Expressive sapi voices



Its another step, I guess what I would have to do then is when a feature update came about, or was on the cards, I'd have to defur the update so it didn't happen so I'd have enough time to deactivate the licence, then reactivate everything once I was updated.

I'd have thought that there could be a way to back it all up, then put it back without doodling about, but maybe there is a way to do all that.

On 21/02/2018 1:10 p.m., Chris Shook wrote:
If you are talking about the Eloquence and Vocalizer expressive for NVDA, the only time you would need to deactivate it is when you had a major update. FOr example, the creators updates like from Windows 10 1703 to Windows 10 version 1709. Otherwise, you don't have to deactivate it.
So long as the computer ID doesn't change, you'll be fine.

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