nvda cdex installer


Hi all.
Ok, using7zip I extracted the file, then with innosetup 5.9 created this
This is not the entire thing, its just the wizzard with a few default patches.
It has a file in the wrong place which was supposed to be licence, and its not flash.
It will install the program and nothing else.
without the opencandy plugin the installer is harmless.
This has been tested on my 32 bit box and it does work and it does uninstall.
This should stop the whining at least for this version.
If you extract this with 7zip you can see my source, its after all what I did.
Some of these things are incripted so you can't do this easily without something like universal extracter which I don't have as I hardly do this thing anymore.
But at any rate here is my quick and dirty hack for the day.

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