Re: espeak volume quite low


do you use espeak bundled with nvda or
do you use espeak sapi5?
if you use espeak of sapi5, it depend on the valume of your choice in
control panel, valume control.
if you use espeak which is installed by default with nvda, i did not
try other synthesizer,
but for me the valume is loud and i select 60 or 70 for its valume.
also, it depend on the voice that you selected.
which variant are you using?

On 2/21/18, John Covici <covici@...> wrote:
Hi. I am noticing that espeak has quite alower volume than other
system sounds, or listening to a video or anything else, even though
the volume is set at 100% in voice settings. How can I fix?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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