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From memory, I seem to recall that the new version of this software came along when the add on was being written, and I do not recall if the problems had gone away or got worse. Did I not also see that there is an online and a stand alone version now?
This often what happens, you get something to work then the company change it again.
Look what has happened to the Revo uninstaller.
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Great question! I have off and on run my own business and for years used
Quicken for what I needed. Then for a time was with an agency and they did
for me what I had done with Quicken.

Went back on my own and decided time to get Quicken again as I had let the
license laps. When I installed the new version, it was a screen reading
nightmare. It was so difficult that I went back to using the APH program,
Money Talks. It is okay, but not what Quicken had done for me in the past. I
am guessing that Quick Books has an interface much like Quicken. I was not
about to do the offered paid upgrade to find that was the case. There have
to be folks other than you and I who would benefit from a good add in.

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Hi. A while ago there was a quickbooks addon, but it never seemed to go
anywhere -- I was just wondering if there has been any development over the
last year or two in the addin.


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