Re: Recommendations of Win10 + NVDA Apps and Settings?

Sarah k Alawami

Actually I ever saw it, maybe my mail program was acting up. I saw somethingn about settings at the top then the footer. That's when I quit readiing as I skim read all of my emails, plus I had to either go to teach a class or go to bed that day.

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The quoted message asks the question.  If you didn't read the entire quoted message or just part of it, you won't see it.  It asks at the end, what other settings may improve Windows performance.
I don't use Windows 10.  But my impression is that, starting with Windows 7, very few settings need be changed.  I don't recall changing any settings other than show extensions and to use list or details for folders and files.  I don't know if screen-readers do this or if Windows is now smart enough to do this when it sees that a screen-reader is in use, but features that may cause problems such as using certain effects are automatically turned off when a screen-reader is used.  These sorts of things that blind people used to change have been automated and no longer need to be done.  and that has the further advantage that when a blind person unloads a screen-reader, sighted users can see Windows as they are accustomed to.
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If there  actually was a question i can't see it, just a statement, unless cyber space ate the question or you hit send to early which I often do, about twice a day. Lol!  What questions  did you have re the windows  Settings? I do agree with you by the way, I didn't even change anything except for the settings under language and speech or what ever that setting was called under the windows I section

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I think the default setting of Win10 is very easy to use.
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It's been  a while since i've used Win10 and  NVDA, so I wanted to tap the wisdom of this group.
In addition to setting the default browser, Cortona hotword/keyboard shortcuts, setting folder views to detailed view, adjusting for performance, etc.
For the best and most accessible experience with Win10 and NVDA, what are the  must get apps and must configure settings?


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