Re: Vocalizer Expressive sapi voices


Well I am not paying 69 bucks for eloquence.

Interestingly the tiflocomp voices and code factory voices are 115 bucks, is it worth me to buy the newer code factory ones which is better or should I try a different voice manufacturer.

Due to them no longer sold and other things I have completely clobbered the inoetics voices, codes, recipts and files from my system and all drives, and won't be buying anything from them in the future, a waste of 80 bucks sadly.

I do have the old scansoft voices but I do want a 64 bit voice package and no eloquence is not my choice for voices.

Its a pitty acapella sapi voices cost so much to buy on their infovox format.

Buying them for nvda just like the code factory voices is nice but I want my voices in other things.

There is the ivona which could cost a bit but to be honest what should I go for.

On 22/02/2018 2:19 a.m., Chris Shook wrote:
No, the sapi package does not include Eloquence. However, you can buy the eloquence package for sixty-nineĀ  dollars.


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