Re: Support for Chromium


do you mean chromium which i asked in my previous post about it?
the opensource project with many features and environment like google chrome?
is it inaccessible if you answer my question, i appreciate it.

On 2/22/18, Sarah k Alawami <> wrote:
There is an Sx access google chrome list. I'll have to find the subscribe
links but they are a google group. So maybe going to the groups google home
page and wearching there would help as well.

Good luck.

On Feb 21, 2018, at 3:35 PM, Adriani Botez <>

Dear all,

is it possible to improve support for this project?

This is the browser used hwen working in bloomberg. It would help many
who want to apply for jobs in finance.

I will test it on my work and provide you with more feedback on what
is not working. But it would be good if some people here can test it too.



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