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Hi. is where all of the virtual recorder is.

Recently I have come to the conclusion that if it wasn't for ransomware, I think I'd actually go without antivirus, a firewall or any security software at all.

It seems that all a lot of this stuff does is target things that were working fine and screw them over.

The blind are targeted a lot.

Bgt excluded since that and how its written is just something antiviruses don't like.

The only way to fix the issue is exclude parts of your hard drive.

I have half a mind to just exclude all my drives and take my chances.

I do this to a few folders in my backup drives but to be honest I do wander at how security software has degraded not just in accessibility but functionality as well.

In the old days I used to use zone alarm and a few other firewalls.

Lets see, load 1, and suddenly the antivirus software says its bad, part of it is deleted, the system is screwed.

A reformat fixes it but now I need to find another.

The other certainly works, blocking everything including changed ips and remote shares which may have been fine if it was not inaccessible, and if I had a static ip it would be fine but I don't have one of those.

So printers drives etc.

I simply abandoned sharing and internal remoting all together.

Msse doesn't seem to be that bad but I can see I am going to have to restructure bits of my hard drive.

Firstly, directories for games, office apps, etc, and have those excluded, then an unprocessed folder in my root just so I can find out what exactly is not a virus when something is caught.

That may be a blessing as I have to structure my drives which I don't do.

On the other hand it takes time.

I am unsure about usb drives I guess you have to have apps in portable apps on e f g etc and exclude that and hope like hell nothing screws up.

And while this promotes best practice, it certainly stops me trying to get something better than crappy msse/defender.

If the crappy antivirus and malware software has so much false alarms what will a really good bit of software do.

No, I know what that did, I trialed on the network something and it decided that windows was a virus.

2 weeks later and 3 reformats for the 3 computers and reinstalling of things and either buying, or trying to get back lost licences to products I allready own, I went online to the site I got the programs to complain, and they had up and left.

And were nowhere on the net at all.

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