Re: very good news about audio conversion soft ware


the only good converter I have found which seems spyware free is winlame. is where you get it its malware free.
The only reason you may not want it is it has not been updated since mid 2010.
But it will do wav, w64 soundforge format, standard wav headerless or with headers, flack, aparently cd ripps, windows media, mmd, mad, vorbis mp3 and a few other things including tandy snd files.
It uses the bass engine, but as I said its bass engine is like really old now as it is.
It will do every file you want and it supports winamp plugins to.
So in theory it could the itunes m4a, voc, any chiptune, midi, etc.
In practice I have not tried.
the only time I convert any file I usually expand it to wav before converting it to anything else.
The only time I exclusively use it especially now that I can get whatever I want without doing bad things especially since a lot of stuff has its own converter with lame itself is when I need to fiddle with my own files.
The only time that has happened, is so long ago I have forgotten.
Goldwave ripps disks well enough when I do have those.
and I usually run things at 128kbps mp3 up to 192, but 128 is fine for the headset.

On 4/05/2016 1:25 p.m., Bobby wrote:
no I don't mean rip I mean converting audio that I record or down load
from the internet. I don't know whare or how to add files to convert.

On 5/3/2016 9:04 PM, Robert Mendoza wrote:

Once the Windows media player opens pressed the Control plus 3 to
change it to suggestion view panel. Then, right-click and arrow down
to select the More Option. Tab till you reach tab panel that says Rip
Music. then, select the preferred settings or conversion to rip your
music into different format like mp3, wma, and so on.

Robert Mendoza
On 5/4/2016 8:25 AM, Bobby wrote:
Well I just learned some thing new. I never you could convert audio
windows media player I only new you can rip with it. Can you please
tell me ware the convert option is on windows media player because I
can't find that option at all.

On 5/3/2016 7:16 PM, Patrick Le Baudour wrote:
Hum, if it's for converting into mp3 or wma, windows media player
does it, no need for anything else... and having never used iTunes,
i have no idea of what it can or can't do, I thought it was mainly
for buying music from apple.

-- Patrick
Le 03/05/2016 à 23:14, Christopher-Mark Gilland a écrit :
Goodness gracious, yall! Why not just use ITunes to rip for
crying out
loud! Is it mainly because ITunes doesn't support the formats you all
wanna rip into? If so, then OK, point taken, but otherwise... really?
Christopher Gilland

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