Re: very good news about audio conversion soft ware

Patrick Le Baudour

My bad, if it's not for ripping I don't know about anything in wmp.
Last time I needed to convert files, I used mencoder, but one gotta like the command line and learning the options...

-- Patrick

Le 04/05/2016 à 05:35, Christopher-Mark Gilland a écrit :
That isn't what he meant. He's saying if you have a file that is
already ripped, say, an mp3, then WMP won't convert it say, to a vorbis,
or a wave, or a flack, etc.
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Once the Windows media player opens pressed the Control plus 3 to
change it to suggestion view panel. Then, right-click and arrow down
to select the More Option. Tab till you reach tab panel that says
Rip Music. then, select the preferred settings or conversion to rip
your music into different format like mp3, wma, and so on.

Robert Mendoza

On 5/4/2016 8:25 AM, Bobby wrote:
Well I just learned some thing new. I never you could convert
audio windows media player I only new you can rip with it. Can
you please tell me ware the convert option is on windows media
player because I can't find that option at all.

On 5/3/2016 7:16 PM, Patrick Le Baudour wrote:
Hum, if it's for converting into mp3 or wma, windows media player
does it, no need for anything else... and having never used
iTunes, i have no idea of what it can or can't do, I thought it
was mainly for buying music from apple.

-- Patrick
Le 03/05/2016 à 23:14, Christopher-Mark Gilland a écrit :
Goodness gracious, yall! Why not just use ITunes to rip for
crying out
loud! Is it mainly because ITunes doesn't support the formats
you all
wanna rip into? If so, then OK, point taken, but otherwise...
Christopher Gilland

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