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Antony Stone

The problem is that we don't know what you are trying to download, and the
instructions for how to download it may be different depending on what it is.

Show us a URL for the podcast, or at least for a page containing a link to it,
and we can take a look for ourselves to try and help you.

Until you show us the specific thing you want to download, we're just guessing
at the best way to do it, and that's both inefficient and potentially unhelpful.


On Sunday 25 February 2018 at 17:21:10, anthony borg wrote:

Hi brian
The problem was not to play it but to download it from a website.

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But you could easily play it in any media player. You need to tell us what
file type it is.
Some are playlist files, ie the playlist is downloaded and this has the
address in it of the file and its type.

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Yes it plays in media player when I hit enter on the link.

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But when you press enter on the link, what happens? Does it play In
Media Player? I believe someone described how to download a file such
as a podcast playing in Windows Media Player. But before that method is
of any use to you, does the file open in the player?


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Hi gene

It is on a website. And I want to download a copy of it. Thanks in


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How are you getting to the podcast in the first place? Is it playing in
Media Player?


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Hi folks

Can somebody explain to me how to download a podcast from the internet
using windows media player please?

Thanks in advance

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