Re: did you test libreoffice 5.3 and later to read dialogs using screen review?

Simon Eigeldinger

Hi Brian,

well open office is practically dead since more or less all devs have moved over to libreoffice.

the only issue i have with libreoffice 6.0 is that when i insert an image that the tool bar gets the focus and you can't get the focus back to the document.
editing text, formatting and tables seem to work fine.
at least over here.


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Libra Office a couple of versions back was quite good on the  document editor front. I tend not to update to the latest versions as they nearly always have issues. Open Office seems to have stalled. When wwas it last updated?
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 LibreOffice is not very accessible with screen readers.

 Apache OpenOffice works OK with NVDA. It may not be perfect. But! At least in my experience it's better than LibreOffice!

 Appearantly none of the open source office suites are very interested in accessibility for the blind! They will not even make an attempt to have a dialog with screen reader developers to see how the can improve their software so that the blind can have better access to the software!

 At least for selfish reasons Microsoft has worked with screen reader developers to make MS Office accessible for screen reader users.

 More/many blind screen reader users really need to demand from open source office suites developers to provide great accessibility for the blind!

 I'm so very sorry! That i've not been of much help to you! but, I've had a very bad experience with LibreOffice in particular, and, with open source/freeware office suites as a whole!

 I really do hope that everyone who reads this will take the time to send very nice/polite emails to LibreOffice telling them that blind people really want to use their software and if they make it accessible. Blind people are very loyal to those who develop blind friendly software!!!

On 2/24/2018 9:12 AM, zahra wrote:
hello every one.
i asked this questions in different posts, but did not recieve reply.
libreoffice since version 5.3, shows dialogs like one combine word
without space when i read them using screen review!
i did not learn object review and sometimes does not work me, so i
prefer to use screen review always.
i appreciate if users of libreoffice give me advice what should i do
to restore previous behaviour of libreofficefor showing dialogs and
i recorded one sample and i am ready to send if someone helps me in this regard.
i appreciate any help, God bless you all!
Carlos Gonzalez - Los Angeles, CA. - gmjc341961@...

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