Re: did you test libreoffice 5.3 and later to read dialogs using screen review?

Simon Eigeldinger


I wonder if its a bug of NVDA.
I also see that in some other apps as well.
namely some apps with a qt5 gui but also some native windows programs.
So i don't know if its really a issue of libreoffice or not.


Am 25.02.2018 um 05:52 schrieb zahra:

can someone please confirm the bug which i reported about the problem
of libreoffice?
of course commenting in that website needs subscription.
On 2/25/18, zahra <nasrinkhaksar3@...> wrote:
is there any settings that change behaviour of displaying dialogs in
libreoffice to the 5.2 and previous?
do you know which change causes this problem?
i think that i should go to 4.3 again, because this version its the
most simplest version and the first one which works without need to
install java and java access briedge!
i reported the bug in bug report website for libreoffice, but anyone
did not help me to confirm it!
i think he was one of developers that told: we press insert 7 numpad
and want to navigate, but nvda just says the title of dialog, not its

On 2/24/18, Simon Eigeldinger <simon.eigeldinger@...> wrote:

Yes that problem is also on libreoffice 6.0.
though i have that problem with some of the programs i am using.
not just libreoffice.
also some native windows programs have that problem.
it also took me a while to get used to object navigation.
but if you get the hang out of it it works pretty well.
just continue to try and figure out how it works.
i found a nice tutorial somewhere where i was quickly able to learn it
bout i guess i have lost the link.

i guess it was one of joseph's tutorials though.


Am 24.02.2018 um 18:12 schrieb zahra:
hello every one.
i asked this questions in different posts, but did not recieve reply.
libreoffice since version 5.3, shows dialogs like one combine word
without space when i read them using screen review!
i did not learn object review and sometimes does not work me, so i
prefer to use screen review always.
i appreciate if users of libreoffice give me advice what should i do
to restore previous behaviour of libreofficefor showing dialogs and
i recorded one sample and i am ready to send if someone helps me in this
i appreciate any help, God bless you all!
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