Re: did you test libreoffice 5.3 and later to read dialogs using screen review?

Simon Eigeldinger


I know that doesn't help much with that issue.
though modifying some of those helps a little bit in speed.
at least i had the impression.
it also helps with the UI.

btw this is what i found in the NVDA manual about screen review and some programs:
Note that in some newer applications, NVDA may not see some or all text displayed on the screen due to the use of newer screen drawing technologies which are impossible to support at this time.

I guess thats also garbled text or mixing things up.

according to wikipedia liberoffice is more popular but let's stop here.

i guess somewhere there is also written who has implemented the iaccessible2 support for open/libreoffice.
i guess his name was steve yin but i am not sure.


Am 25.02.2018 um 19:16 schrieb zahra:

thanks so much for suggesting changing accessibility settings.
but i think that it affects documents, not dialogs!
openoffice is not dead and its more popular than libreoffice for
windows users who want free softwares.
its not bug of nvda, something changed in libreoffice 5.3 that caused
this issue!
because i did not have this problem with libreoffice 5.2!
On 2/25/18, Simon Eigeldinger <simon.eigeldinger@...> wrote:

I wonder if its a bug of NVDA.
I also see that in some other apps as well.
namely some apps with a qt5 gui but also some native windows programs.
So i don't know if its really a issue of libreoffice or not.


Am 25.02.2018 um 05:52 schrieb zahra:
can someone please confirm the bug which i reported about the problem
of libreoffice?
of course commenting in that website needs subscription.

On 2/25/18, zahra <nasrinkhaksar3@...> wrote:
is there any settings that change behaviour of displaying dialogs in
libreoffice to the 5.2 and previous?
do you know which change causes this problem?
i think that i should go to 4.3 again, because this version its the
most simplest version and the first one which works without need to
install java and java access briedge!
i reported the bug in bug report website for libreoffice, but anyone
did not help me to confirm it!
i think he was one of developers that told: we press insert 7 numpad
and want to navigate, but nvda just says the title of dialog, not its

On 2/24/18, Simon Eigeldinger <simon.eigeldinger@...> wrote:

Yes that problem is also on libreoffice 6.0.
though i have that problem with some of the programs i am using.
not just libreoffice.
also some native windows programs have that problem.
it also took me a while to get used to object navigation.
but if you get the hang out of it it works pretty well.
just continue to try and figure out how it works.
i found a nice tutorial somewhere where i was quickly able to learn it
bout i guess i have lost the link.

i guess it was one of joseph's tutorials though.


Am 24.02.2018 um 18:12 schrieb zahra:
hello every one.
i asked this questions in different posts, but did not recieve reply.
libreoffice since version 5.3, shows dialogs like one combine word
without space when i read them using screen review!
i did not learn object review and sometimes does not work me, so i
prefer to use screen review always.
i appreciate if users of libreoffice give me advice what should i do
to restore previous behaviour of libreofficefor showing dialogs and
i recorded one sample and i am ready to send if someone helps me in
i appreciate any help, God bless you all!
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