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David Moore

Yes, I use golden cursor all the time, and that will do everything you need to move the mouse pointer with the keyboard. You will absolutely love it!

David Moore

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I will check out that golden cursor -- sounds like what I may need.



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Gene New Zealand wrote:


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> Hi


> Under the following section in the user manual will give you all commands to do with the mouse.


> The other thing that may be of interest is the golden cursor found on the add ons website for moving the mouse around the screen etc.


> But any how from the user manual here is all the commands below.


> 5.7. Navigating with the Mouse

> When you move the mouse, NVDA by default reports the text that is directly under the mouse pointer as the pointer moves over it. Where supported, NVDA will read the surrounding paragraph of text, though some controls may only read by

> line.

> NVDA can be configured to also announce the type of object under the mouse as it moves (e.g. list, button, etc.). This may be useful for totally blind users, as sometimes, the text isn't enough.

> NVDA provides a way for users to understand where the mouse is located relative to the dimensions of the screen by playing the current mouse coordinates as audio beeps. The higher the mouse is on the screen, the higher the pitch of the

> beeps. The further left or right the mouse is located on the screen, the further left or right the sound will be played (assuming the user has stereo speakers or headphones).

> These extra mouse features are not turned on by default in NVDA. If you wish to take advantage of them, you can configure them from the Mouse settings dialog, found in the NVDA Preferences menu.

> Although a physical mouse or trackpad should be used to navigate with the mouse, NVDA has a few key commands related to the mouse:

> Name

> Desktop key

> Laptop key

> Description

> Left mouse button click

> numpadDivide

> NVDA+[

> clicks the left mouse button once. The common double click can be performed by pressing this key twice in quick succession

> Left mouse button lock

> shift+numpadDivide

> NVDA+control+[

> Locks the left mouse button down. Press again to release it. To drag the mouse, press this key to lock the left button down and then move the mouse either physically or use one of the other mouse routing commands

> Right mouse click

> numpadMultiply

> NVDA+]

> Clicks the right mouse button once.

> Right mouse button lock

> shift+numpadMultiply

> NVDA+control+]

> Locks the right mouse button down. Press again to release it. To drag the mouse, press this key to lock the right button down and then move the mouse either physically or use one of the other mouse routing commands

> Move mouse to current navigator object

> NVDA+numpadDivide

> NVDA+shift+m

> Moves the mouse to the location of the current navigator object and review cursor

> Navigate to the object under the mouse

> NVDA+numpadMultiply

> NVDA+shift+n

> Set the navigator object to the object located at the position of the mouse


> Gene nz


> On 2/26/2018 10:34 AM, John Covici wrote:


>  Hi.  I was on a website where I was supposed to route the mouse to

> where the cursor is and them move it down till I heard a certain

> string, in JAWS I could route jaws to pc and activate the jaws cursor

> and then use the mouse down to get the mouse to where I wanted it to

> go.  Is there any way to do this in nvda?


> Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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