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sampath raj rao

Hi any advice for Lenovo? I am using G5080 which came with win 10
feature update for 1709 downloaded several times but failed in all its
attempts till date...

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Oh yes and the older the machine the worse it is.
I'm not even going to bather with the old dells. In any case their idea of

64 bit ready seems different to Microsoft.
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It depends on the board in question.

Here are a few.


Download the updater for your unit if its still about you need its part
number, and well get the update, download, run, reboot you're done.

Hp, using your serial number found from support assistant, download the
eufi diagnostics, intel firmware updates and bios, run all of them.

For most of them run and install on hard drive and they work.

Bios is a bit tricky, you will have to doodle about with nvda and narator

to find the right button, alt u should update the bios then wait, till

restart, and wait till it restarts 3-5 times then it will be updated.

Asus, the updater is completely inaccessible, for my workstation I had to

get the mutherboard frombelarc adviser which meant I needed to go to and install that.

Then I needed to search on the asus support site for the update, get the
.cap file, rename the file to bios.cap, download the 4th gen updater, for

win8 and download that.

Then using 7zip extract it, go to the tools folder, find the batch file,
and change the name to bios.cap, put the cap file in the tools folder, run

the batch file, wait for the window to close then reboot.


Download the update, run and hit yes.

Different ways and you can also do it from multitudes of updaters, and
inside bios with sight etc.

When you update your bios you will need a sightling in some cases to check

that all your settings work as the system goes to bios, some bioses
require you to like asus hit f5 for defaults then save.

Azrock I booted and I just hit f1 on a ps2 board and it worked.

Laptops they just worked all I tried.

But its best you do it yourself as in some situations it was really

If you screw it all up you will have to take your system back to the
store, they will replace your main board at cost, do a reformat and then
you probably will need to get a different serial and maybe a new version
of windows probably or if the system is out of date you will have to buy
another probably havn't bricked one.

Actually I tell a lie bricked a bios on a router by doing it wrong.

I had to buy another isp router and it took ages for them to get working

On 25/02/2018 9:20 a.m., Kevin wrote:
Can I ask how one would go about updating the bios?

E-mail is golden!!!
Kevin Lee

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Subject: [nvda] Finally solved my problems with Win10 not updating!

Hello all,

I'd like to thank everyone who helped me with suggestions and thoughts
last year...
Tony, I think it was you who, amongst other things, suggested to try and
update the BIOS.

After tens of different and useless attempts to find out what software
or hardware component caused the blocking, my husband finally looked for
a newer version of the bios and found it.
He updated it and... LO AND BEHOLD! Now I have the latest Windows

Thanks to you all, really, from the bottom of my heart.

We had given up, but Windows had starte nagging me ove the last few
weeks, attempting to update at least 20 times a day... So it was time to
do something serious about it, and here we are!

Ciao, bless you all!

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