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Antony Stone

No, tell us the *actual address* that goes into the web browser.

The bit starting with http:// or https://

Do not assume that if we look up "NCBI Technology" in a search engine, we will
end up on the same web page as you are looking at.

Tell the actual address of the specific page.

Thank you,


On Monday 26 February 2018 at 16:21:19, anthony borg wrote:

Ncbi technology

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What's the address for that site?

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It's the ncbi site.

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What site is it on?

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Hi gene

It is on a website. And I want to download a copy of it. Thanks in advance


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How are you getting to the podcast in the first place? Is it playing in
Media Player?


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Hi folks

Can somebody explain to me how to download a podcast from the internet
using windows media player please?

Thanks in advance

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