Re: Version 18.03 releases: GoldWave, Resource Monitor, StationPlaylist, Windows 10 App Essentials #addonrelease

Daniel Wolak <danielwolak97@...>


Oddly that didn't help. Also, after re-ennabling and attempting to remove and reinstall the addon the options for win10 apps no longer show up in the prefferences menu. Could it be disabled or similar, even though it shows as running in addon mannager?

Thanks again for the help,


On 26/02/2018 16:55, Joseph Lee wrote:


I’m thinking somehow UIA got screwed up. Does restarting your computer fix this for you?





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Subject: Re: [nvda] Version 18.03 releases: GoldWave, Resource Monitor, StationPlaylist, Windows 10 App Essentials #AddonRelease


Hi Joseph and all,

First off, thanks for all the work that you do on these addons. I just wanted to point out a slight inconsistancy that I'm experiencing with win10 app essencials.

Every time I do an alt+tab to move to a different application, I hear task switching.

Disabling the addon fixes this. I'm just wondering if this is expected, and if so if there's a way to get around this?

I'm running windows10-1709 64bit and nvda 2017.4

Thanks for any help with this,




On 26/02/2018 14:22, Joseph Lee wrote:

Hi everyone,


The following community add-ons received updates today:



All of these can also be found on community add-ons website ( StationPlaylist and Windows 10 App Essentials support add-on update feature, and updates for these will go live shortly.




GoldWave and Resource Monitor: localization updates.


StationPlaylist Studio: numerous issues when working with time-based broadcast profiles were addressed.


Windows 10 App Essentials: in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and later, NVDA will announce various notifications including those found in Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Store, Calculator, Alarms and Clock and other apps. Also, NVDA will track these events and print debug information if NVDA is started/restarted with debug logging enabled.






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