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I have had some of these same issues. I can't even see my context menu
in windows explorer. Certain apps dont let me read menus like goldwave
and reaper. I tried registering a couple of dll files I thought could
have broke that fixed nothing. Also tried using older and the latest
build of NVDA.

On 2/24/18, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
I doubt this has anything to do with Avast. If Avast kept changes from
being made in the registry, you couldn't install programs nor could you
change most program settings. How did you find this hidden partition and
how do you know it is related to Avast? I'm very skeptical unless you
present more information.

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Okay, i suspected as much , they were just a couple of thoughts that popped
into my head that were worth a look at if not already done so, before going
down a road of more in depth investigation,

But it is a odd one, that’s for sure

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I think we have been down these roads already. Without some kind of hands

on, its hard to advise unless somebody else has the exact same issue, which

was why I asked about avast, as I was not aware till the other day how

protective that anti virus is.

It seems that often simple uninstall may well make it seem to be gone but

its often left running routines in a hidden partition unseen by the task

manager which makes deletion of the folder impossible. Also modification of

certain registry entries appears to be impossible also, so if some have

become deregistered, and avast or a similar program is on the machine or has

been re registering them may not work. Indeed on the machine I had like this

any attempt to even compact the registry resulted in windows restarting.

it of course then loaded back the un modified last known good copy.

When you get very rare events such as this one, you really do need somebody

experienced on site.

Its hard to ask the right questions otherwise I find.

This can be especially pertinent if the user has no interest in the under

the hood stuff of computers and hence does not know how to look at some

aspects of what you ask. Not saying this its the case here, but this is

often when tech folk resort to a reformat and re install,we hen its probably

not required. Brian


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Just a couple of things to check...

Are you just running nvda? Or do you have other screen readers running at

the same time, even on silent mode?

Check audio ducking in nvda as well as windows

Also check the audio output device is correct in nvda

And of course you have tried other synths as well?? Haven’t you?

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