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As moderator, I'll take this opportunity to say that this is important.  This is something people should pay serious attention to.  It's not just a question of doing this because this or that person asks.  It's doing it because it is being considerate to many users who rely on subject lines to determine if they want to read a message.  Some people get hundreds of messages a day.  In addition, you will have a better chance of having your message read by more people, thus, you might get better help.
It's called a subject line for a reason.  It's the line that defines the subject of a message.  Lines like help, a question, just wondering, etc. give no useful information.  A subject, what a message is about, has nothing to do with whether you are curious, are wondering something or whatever state of mind or general need such as "help" you are describing.  A subject line describes what the message is about.  Please be considerate and help yourself at the same time.  Please use proper subject lines.

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Hi All,

Looking for help with subject lines. I hate to be picky, but I monitor multiple lists focused on computer access. I am sure that many others here do the same. It would be very helpful if posters could provide enough information in the subject line to understand what an issue might actually be. Subjects like “Big Problem with *** or Question, or help are just not Helpful in determining if I can help, or if I have the same problem. Something like, “Not able to read choices in Word spell checker” is a clearer advertisement for a post. Catch your reader with your tag line!



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