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Mário Navarro


I don't think so.
the same also happens with the system and with the browsers.
 laggy, and unstable.

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Could this be changes to help in Firefox Quantum do you feel?
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also NVDA in the message lists of thunder bird, is slow and unstable.
NVDA 2018.RC1

in my opinion, NVDA is heavier with this release.
heavy and unstable.

Às 01:53 de 25/02/2018, Sam Taylor escreveu:

It now occurs to me that this began to happen for me when I was
running betas a couple of weeks ago, and this behaviour has crept into
the NVDA RC1 build. It is an NVDA bug that is worth reporting. Perhaps
the Outlook message is somehow being modified. This doesn't happen
when an alternate screenreader is tested. Note that you need to
navigate past the first line of the message. Happy to report this if
nobody has done so.

On 25/02/2018 11:50, Gary Metzler wrote:
Hi Rosemary,

I am having the same issue.  I hope someone has an answer.

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Subject: [nvda] something strange in outlook

Hi, everyone,

Yesterday and today I noticed something different in outlook. When I hit
escape to get out of a message, I get a message saying that the body of the
message has changed and do I want to save it. I've never seen this before.
Is there something I might need to change in either outlook or NVDA?

Thanks for your help in advance.


A acção pode nem sempre ser felicidade, mas não há felicidade sem acção...

A acção pode nem sempre ser felicidade, mas não há felicidade sem acção...

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