Teething Trouble


Hi Folks,


I’m new to NVDA, just trialling it for a bit to see how it measures up vs JAWS. I have a few queries that I’m hoping more experienced users might be able to help me out with.


1. Verbosity. This thing talks a lot, and doesn’t seem to have a global verbosity setting, is this right? In my outlook inbox for example, every time I cursor through my emails NVDA will announce those annoying grouping headings like ‘today’, ‘yesterday’ etc. JAWS glides straight past those without piping up, which does make for a smoother experience. Any thoughts?


2. It’s a minor problem, but NVDA doesn’t seem to announce punctuation when I am typing. I know you can change how it reads punctuation as you navigate, but how about when it comes to text entry? there’s just something unnerving about not hearing that you’ve remembered to slap a full stop on the end of your sentence.


3. The Eloquence for NVDA voice from Code Factory seems a bit buggy. It makes a weird popping and crackling sound all the time. The Vocaliser addon doesn’t seem to do it, but Eloquence is my weapon of choice. I’m only using the 7 day trial at the mo so that I can assess the synth alongside NVDA itself, but the crackling noises it makes are pretty annoying TBF.


Any thoughts on any of this would be most welcome, thanks.

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