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Most of the daisy convertors i use seem to be using word files and as long as they use headers properly the content then gets indexed in the correct fashion.
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You are probably better to use your html file
Your EPUB file probably won't work with your VR stream
X you put the HTML file or EPUB file into your dollar text directory not your DTB directory on your VR stream card
Regards Ian
That should work the other alternative is to put it on your iPhone if you have one in your voice dream reader

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Hello list
I paid for and downloaded Basic Training for NVDA.Zip file and have been working through it.It recommends that the epub file should be put on to a DAISY book player so that one can listen to it and work through the activities on your PC. Unfortunately, I have been unable to do this with my second generation VR stream. When I unzip the file and arrow down to the epub file, it states that this is encrypted. Is this why it does not register on the VR stream’s $VR dtb folder when I try to paste it in with either JAWS or NVDA? I have not dealt with encrypted files before and would appreciate some advice/help.
kind regards

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