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I am told that knfb reader is now available for windows pcs, though have not tried it as it only works in 10, and I seem to recall if you have it for one platform its cheaper for another but its been a while since I looked. Other than that, what about the Cloud ocr Microsoft seem to be always talking about?
I don't know much about it as I'm using omnipage on a cannon and have used abbey, which althoug OK does seem to have issues ith i and l making my friend della into delia and new maldent high street into new maiden high street.

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Hi everyone,

I've got a query about a standalone scanner. Is the OCR software which
comes with any of the scanners such as Epson or Canon accessible (or even
have an accessible Word plugin), or which third-party OCR would be worth

I've personally used Omnipage and Abbyy in the past, and also had a scanner
with an OCR plugin for Word that worked well, even though the main software
wasn't great, but I haven't looked at anything recently to recommend.

Kind regards


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