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It always depends on the quality of the image, sadly. I have played with contrast, grey scale and all sorts and in the end if its a clean crisp thing with few font changes or bold italics or size changes or column alterations most are fine. After that all bets are off.
I now tend to send docs back to suppliers and ask for a doc not a pdf of the text itself. I really do not know what they are doing that makes them so poor unless some idiot prints them then sacans them back in which seems to be a pretty pointless thing to do!
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Yes, I'd thought about that. That's the reason I didn't get one of the ones that works on the phone. If you send it for processing, who knows what happens to your image? Getting a good scan with a phone camera takes a bit of work too, I have found, though I can make it work. The last time I tried OCR though, which was the built-in Windows 10 one, on a scanned PDF, it made a complete mess of the output.

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