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Here is a free 15 day trial of Abby FineReader if you want to try it.

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Thanks for this information. How much of an obstacle do you find AFR 14 accessibility? I noticed that they, perhaps unsurprisingly, do not sell versions older than 14 on their site.

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FineReader 12 is more accessible than 14.
There are not fineReader 13...


Às 15:48 de 01/03/2018, JM Casey escreveu:

You remind me here that I have been interested in this program for
some time.

You say you are using an older version (11). What do you know about
the current available versions? Perhaps, from an accessibility
standpoint, specifically. I suppose if I were to buy the program, I
would be getting the latest version, so before that happens, I’d want
to make sure it works as well as yours does, you know?

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Evening, or at least here in New England it is.

I have been using Abby FineReader for years. It is my original version
11 and it is running well under Windows 10. Right now my scanner is
part of my Cannon printer, and though a one page at a time model, it
serves very well. Abby is remarkably accurate and will scan to a wide
variety of formats including Word, Excel and Epic.

One of the little things I like about it is that when installed, it
adds itself to the context menu. Find a PDF file , hit the context
key, arrow down to Abby and press the right arrow to view the options
of formats you can convert to. Press the enter key and Abby opens and
converts the file and then opens it in the correct app.

The only change I would make right now is to move to a scanner with a
document feeder. I am also serious about moving up several generations
of Abby.

Honestly I owe Abby the purchase of a newer version. Over the years
with several major crashes, support has been quick and clear and
restoration was very simple.

Good luck finding a solution that works, does not require fifty key
presses and most important does not cost too much. I am a firm
believer in an application that does a single job, but does it very well.

As for OCR on an iPad, if you have not tried Seeing AI, it is quite a
program, with a variety of functions and if is free on the Appstore.
Interestingly it was developed and is well maintained by Microsoft.

Disclaimer here: I do not work for Abby nor do I sell any of their
products. Feel free to contact me off list if I can be of help, or
just ask questions here.


Dr. Rick Ely

TVI, Vision Consultant

451 Rocky Hill Road

Florence, MA 01062

&413() 727-3038

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Hi everyone,

I've got a query about a standalone scanner. Is the OCR software
which comes with any of the scanners such as Epson or Canon accessible
(or even have an accessible Word plugin), or which third-party OCR
would be worth considering?

I've personally used Omnipage and Abbyy in the past, and also had a
scanner with an OCR plugin for Word that worked well, even though the
main software wasn't great, but I haven't looked at anything recently
to recommend.

Kind regards



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