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Yes I'm on the esr version 52, mainly due to the problems with download window being hard to use, no sounds add ons allowed and the occasional lock up of pages in the quantum version.
I am quite disappointed that Mozilla should roll out new code that has obviously not been tested completely, lets hope they either extend support of esr past June or get their act together and make a product as good as it was before. Brian

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I've been using both Mozilla Firefox and NVDA being latest.

Operating system; Windows 7, 64bit Ultimate.

When I open the browser, my computer happens to slow down to the extent that it is almost impossible for me to provide you with any information that is supposed to be contained in NVDA Log Viewer. No matter whether I open the Mozilla Home page, or any other site, it happens very often, but not each time I choose to open Firefox. I've not switched to the ESR version of Firefox after I was informed that Firefox 57 was going to experience changes which were supposed to affect NVDA as a screen reader. I did not do the switching because I decided to stick to the standard Firefox so as to test it. I happen to have experienced this issue, but I have waited for new releases to see what changes may take place in the interim. However, the last versions of NVDA and Mozilla Firefox show that it is high time for me to submit a report in relation to the already mentioned issue.

Am I supposed to clear my machine of some older Firefox profile settings, or some system files relating to Firefox? If not, what could I possibly do? The last Firefox working smoothly for me was Firefox 56.


When I open my Firefox where the browse mode is not engaged, it works good. For example, when I open it and open the file menu to walk through the menues offered. When the browse mode is concerned, there is the possibility that my computer may slow down.

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