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Peter Chin

Please tell us how to get to the character map in Windows.
From: JM Casey
Sent: Monday, February 5, 2018 3:33 AM
Subject: Re: [nvda] Special characters in NVDA

I haven’t yet tried this with nVDA running, but the quickest way for me has always been to turn the numlock on, and type the alt-number combination, then turn the numlock off again. This won’t work for everyone. While I admit I can’t remember all the important codes, most of the ones I use are accents you’d find in french, and I do remember those. Windows has a feature called Character Map, which you can use to look up character codes, or paste the characters directly into your document. I haven’t used it since XP, but I just looked, and note that it is still here in Windows 10. However, the interface seems to have changed somewhat. Still, you can search for things if you select the advanced view. Play around with it if you like. You’ll probably have to use object navigation in NVDA.


The good news is that once you know the code, you don’t have to muck around with pasting anything. Make a list of the ones you use often, rather as Gene suggested, and before long you’ll remember them and type them quickly and efficiently.




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NVDA has no such dialog.  Do you still have JAWS on your machine?  You could create your own list using Notepad and then cut and paste them into documents.  Or you can create these characters using the numpad, but I've almost never done this.  Since NVDA uses the Numpad, I'm not sure if you can do this unless you use the bypass command.  Others may comment.



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Subject: [nvda] Special characters in NVDA


How do I find special characters in NVDA, such as the accented e in résumé?


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