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Kerryn Gunness <k_gunness@...>

thank u all

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just in brows mode, deactivate use screen layout when supported or press nvda+v
you dont need to do anything for removing clusters i think!
i sometimes recieve this message and dont anything.
i think its for reader mode.

On 3/4/18, Governor staten <govsta@...> wrote:
You should have created a new subject so that threads are not confused.
People are more likely to read your message, and answer, if it is a
separate subject line. I cannot see how the message you're replying to
is even close to what you are asking about.


On 3/4/2018 11:53 AM, Kerryn Gunness via Groups.Io wrote:
hi all
i am using firefox ESR
with NVDA
NVDA reads everything together on a website
when i am on a website, NVDA says remove cluster to read the text, how
do i do this?

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CodeFactory voices in NVDA)

Headsets don't usualy have drivers they work off generic drivers or
something some do have drivers but the interfaces don't work with
access the drivers do.

On 4/03/2018 5:04 a.m., Melissa Jean wrote:
I wanted a headset. I also in particular about how to wear this
headset--I prefer behind the head. I used my jaws trial and it did
not do the same things that my synthesizer for NVDA did. I have 30
days left still to either get used to it or choose a different set.
I might try and find the same model but using just a regular
plug-in. I think I might look into getting eloquence--I'm hoping the
other version that is not the ad on version works better. Thank you
for taking the time to give me some opinions.

On Mar 3, 2018, at 6:37 AM, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:

You might do better, and it would be simplir and perhaps cheaper,
to get a simple pair of headphones you plug into the output jack of
a sound card. Just regular headphones that you can use with any
standard output jack. Many times, settings, if they are available
to change bass and trebble are inaccessible in sound card
software. Just getting a cheap pair of headphones might be the
best solution. For convenience, you could get an extension cable
with a volume knob so you can leave the computer volume setting the

If you want headphones for serious music listening you could get
good standard headphones or good USB headphones but just for
screen-reader use, just a cheap pair, maybe ten or fifteen U.S.
dollars, might be fine. I haven't listened to really cheap
headphones so you might want to spend a little more. If there is a
store near you where you can buy headphones and it has a good
return policy, that would allow you to return them more
conveniently than by shipping them back somewhere.

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Subject: Re: Adjusting Microsoft voices (was RE: [nvda] Giving up
on CodeFactory voices in NVDA)

Yes, these are USB headphones. I have gone through the sound
setting to see if I can adjust them separately since they are
basically their own sound card, but I have not been able to find
something that would change the amount of base it is putting out.


On Mar 3, 2018, at 12:59 AM, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:

Are you using USB speakers and a USB headphone as well?

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Subject: Re: Adjusting Microsoft voices (was RE: [nvda] Giving up
on CodeFactory voices in NVDA)

I figured it out. It helped to use the JAWS trial I had to do it. It
picks up more than NVDA does.
However the voices are ... odd. I'm hearing another voice when I'm
typing and don't know what it is. It is a tad laggy when it comes to
my typing.
Oh, well... I will have to figure it out or get a newer headset,
lol.This new one has a lot of bass to it that I can't turn off. It
also clips off the first letter of most lines, words, and button for
some reason when I use the add that shall not be named which is why I
looked into this again.

Thanks for your help, appreciate it.

On 3/2/18, JM Casey <crystallogic@...> wrote:
Hey again.

Yes, now that you mention it, I remember that list box where you
have to
select being somewhat too silent with NVDA. I think I had better
luck with
JAWS 18, which I also have on this computer. I think I'll try
playing with
it again and see exactly what happens. This is something that
NVDA users
should certainly be able to do without trouble.

I did not download that .exe file. It seemed like a better idea
to just use
the Windows interface to do this. I think the source is
trustworthy but I'm
not positive, and you'd have to give the program admin rights to
muck about
with your file permissions, so I dunno.

The good news is that Windows actually comes with a take
ownership utility.
It's called takeown.exe and I didn't know about it until
recently. The bad
news (possibly) is that it's command line only, so you'll have to
get the
syntax right and everything. You'd have to run in command prompt,
administrator, or in powershell. I took a quick look at the usage
info with
"takeown /?" and, maybe because it's Friday evening and my brain
is fried
trying to apply to jobs, but as of now I can't make head nor tail
of it. If
you're familiar with Windows command line applications though,
this could be
a no-brainer for you. It's been a long time since I had to tinker
much with
such things.

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Subject: Re: Adjusting Microsoft voices (was RE: [nvda] Giving up on
CodeFactory voices in NVDA)

Thanks for that. I got most of it, but I guess I had been missing
when I was trying.
Have you tried using the take ownership exe they suggested? I
admit that I
wanted to try that because I'm having trouble selecting things
while going
through the properties/security window.

On 3/2/18, JM Casey <crystallogic@...> wrote:
Hey Melissa.

Rather than try to duplicate what I did before, I'm just going to
paste this URL for you. If you follow these instructions, I'm
99% sure
you will be able to get it to work.


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Melissa Jean
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Subject: Re: Adjusting Microsoft voices (was RE: [nvda] Giving
up on
CodeFactory voices in NVDA)

Sorry for being late to reply to this email. I got a new headset
it doesn't seem to be playing well with the synth I am using and
wanted to use the microsoft voices.... I went to edit the ini
file and
of course it did not work. I went into the properties and I
can't seem
to find a way to give full access or write permissions to at least
administrator so that I can save the changes I made to the ini
Anyone have an idea as to how or what I should do to edit this

Thanks much
On 2/20/18, JM Casey <crystallogic@...> wrote:

I don't mind adjusting an ini file, so long as MS doesn't keep
mucking with it when there's an update. But yes, being able to
put it
in one's user data location would certainly be nice. And I do not
know if this can be done at all. Anyone?

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up on
CodeFactory voices in NVDA)

Is there perhaps a user specific location to place this ini file?
Certainly in other OS there are both global and user specific

Also sure would be nice if there was a settings panel for
these rather than the ini file.

Best Wishes,

Jonathan Cohn
gs panel for adjusting these rather than the ini file.

Best Wishes,

Jonathan Cohn

´╗┐On 2/19/18, 4:17 PM, " on behalf of JM Casey"
< on behalf of crystallogic@...>

Hi Melissa.

Yes, you can use notepad to edit the file. It's not enough
to run
notepad as administrator, though, assuming you are using
Windows 10
at least. You will have to grant yourself permission to change the
file by taking ownership of it using the attributes in the
dialog. To be honest, I don't 100% understand how ownership
rites in
Windows 10 function.
I got it to work, but it took quite a bit of experimenting,
which is
the reason I was particularly annoyed by Microsoft changing it
Essentially, you want to grant yourself "full control" of this
particular file, which means you have permission to edit it.

Where exactly the file is depends on what you are
using....whether you are using an older SAPI voice or the newer
voices? Each voice has its own ini. The file I edited was at
this path
And as it's the David voice I've been using, the name is:

The lines you are looking ror are these two:

I do not remember what the original values were at the
but I believe it's in milliseconds or something. I altered the
sentence boundary to 350 and that seems a lot better to me, though
you may prefer less of a pause. Play around and see what you
get and
what you like.

If you get stuck with the file attributes thing, there are
resources on the internet that can help you. Someone else on
the list
may understand this better than I do. It's one of those things
I thought I was familiar with, but trying to edit a Windows ini
showed me that in fact I'm still unclear on how this totally
Still, at least I got it to do what I wanted it to.

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This licensing process is one reason I haven't made this
I'd love to be able to have something easy to work and not to
about if it will stop working or not after I made some update.

I'd be interested in using David--the pauses are what turn
me off
from doing so though. I thought I remembered hearing updating
the ini
file before, but can't find the email though I saved it.

What is the file? Where is it found? Where is the line
found to
edit this?Can one use notepad to edit the file?
Sorry for the barrage of questions.

Thank you
On 2/19/18, JM Casey <crystallogic@...> wrote:
I use David and I'm ok with him. Only thing is, I at least

have to adjust the ini file that dictates how long he
sentences, or even comma clauses. A two second wait after a
period is

completely intolerable from a speech synthesiser. Still, at
least you can adjust it.
Only, Microsoft, when doing Windows updates, has altered
it back
original setting at least three times now, and I've had to
change it

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Rosemarie Chavarria
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Subject: Re: [nvda] Giving up on CodeFactory voices in NVDA

Hi, David,

Microsoft David's pretty good. I like the Mark voice too.


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Subject: [nvda] Giving up on CodeFactory voices in NVDA


You know, I have had it with this CodeFactory thing of
constantly. I checked out one of the Microsoft voices
they have
NVDA and this voice is not too bad; it is not as clear as
Eloquence or

the Vocalizer Expressive voices, but it is a little
better than
standard NVDA voice in my opinion. I think CodeFactory
could make
this program permanent with NVDA as it is with other screen
They end up making the program far too much trouble to
use in NVDA
than it is worth. I'll just eat the cost because I don't
expect them

to do anything about the crazy requirements for using
the voices.
I'll thkink twice before I purchase such software in the

Can we use any other Microsoft voices that windows
offers? If
so, how

do we do it?

James Robinson

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