Re: NVDA doesn't work with bandcamp web site

John Isige

I do know them, yes. I use the arrows because there are a lot of other
buttons, plus I probably want to see the track name first. So I'll use
something like page down or headings to get to the tracks, and navigate
through them. In any case, yeah, get on the button however you do it,
the real thing you need is routing and clicking with the slash. That's
why I said "I use the arrow keys", implying that you could do whatever
the hell you like.

On 3/4/2018 13:37, Gene wrote:
You don't have to use the arrow keys.  You can use the letter b.  Do
you know quick navigation keys for move to button, move to check box,
move to edit field, move to heading, and perhaps there are one or two
or three others I am not thinking of now. These are essential for
efficient navigation.  In addition, you can tab to these structures if
you aren't exactly on them. Using the arrow keys is inefficient and in
some cases, it may not place you exactly on a control.
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1. Get to a play button, I do this with the arrow keys.

2. Hit NVDA-numpad slash.

3. Hit numpad-slash.

4. Hear music come from your noise-making thingies.

I should add, this is in Firefox.

On 3/4/2018 12:55, Rusty Perez wrote:
Hey folks,
Has any one had success playing music on the bandcamp web site?
Here's a link to a page.
Try and activate any of the play/pause buttons with space or nvda
enter and nothing happens. My wife confirms that she can click with
the mouse and getit to play.
I'm pasting a link to a band called "screenreader' because I thought
that was appropriate. :)

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