Google docs with NVDA and Firefox ESR

Mary Otten

I have a Windows 10 machine with the latest released version of NVDA and Firefox ESR version. I am able to read a Google document but I can’t interact with it. That is the arrow keys don’t talk, and I am unable to copy text from the document in order to paste it into Duxberry to print it out. Is there a key or a clue to working better with Google Docs in this combination? I suppose chrome would work better, but I have that’s far less than impressed with chrome. I don’t really feel like learning another web browser if I don’t have to. Besides, I get these Google doc link in my email, and fire fox is my default web browser. So even if I wanted to try chrome, I’m not sure how I would do that given the fact that I’m not willing to change my default browser to chrome.


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