Re: NVDA doesn't work with bandcamp web site


I've generally found that you have to root your mouse first before you simulate a mouse press, otherwise the player won't play anything. It would be useful to bring that up with Bandcamp support I think.

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No luck but do they not want your email address first or is their rather misleading terms erm more misleading thn they appear?
The buttons focus using single key navigation but seem to do nothing at all, even when you simulate a mouse press.

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Yeah, I'm noticing the same thing, and am stuck.
It is working with JAWS 18.
On my old machine I could never get the bandcamp player to play either.

If there's no solution to this, we should probably bring this up with Bandcamp support.

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More info.
When I try to focus the play button by navigating with object review or document review mode, nvda reports "off screen"
I'm pretty novice at these review modes so can someone tell me what's going on here, and what I may be able to do to fix this?
I'm thinking of releasing some of my music on bandcamp, but not if it's not accessible. :)


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Hey folks,
Has any one had success playing music on the bandcamp web site?
Here's a link to a page.
Try and activate any of the play/pause buttons with space or nvda
enter and nothing happens. My wife confirms that she can click with
the mouse and getit to play.
I'm pasting a link to a band called "screenreader' because I thought
that was appropriate. :)

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