Re: New user questions: voice rate, reading message in WLM.

Quentin Christensen

Hi Janet,

With the OneCore voices, adjusting the speed can be a little trickier than other synthesizers.  We're working on having this fixed, but in the meantime, Press the Windows key, type "Speech settings" and open the Speech Settings system setting item.  In there, tab down to the "speed" slider, and use that to adjust the speed.  You can use both this and the rate settings in NVDA itself.  So the fastest you can go is to set this slider all the way to the right, and increase the speech rate in NVDA to 100%.  You can do that either from the Voice settings dialog (NVDA+control+v) or using the Synth settings ring.  Press NVDA+CONTROL+LEFT or RIGHT ARROW to select the item to adjust (the default is rate) then press NVDA+CONTROL+UP arrow to increase and NVDA+CONTROL+DOWN ARROW to decrease the rate.

As you have found, the "Rate boost" feature is available in eSpeak, but not in Windows OneCore voices.  There are various features which are only available in one synthesizer or another.  One slightly hidden feature for instance, is using eSpeak or OneCore voices, instead of pressing CONTROL to stop speech and then pressing the say all command to start again, you can press SHIFT once to pause speech at any time, and then SHIFT again to continue speaking from exactly where it left off.

Kind regards


On Tue, Mar 6, 2018 at 5:33 AM, Janet Brandly <jbrandly@...> wrote:
    Hi Jean,
Thank you for all that great information. I’m using Windows-1 core voices which doesn’t seem to support the rate boost feature. I’ll have to experiment with some of the other voices that come with NVDA. When reading through the mannual, I didn’t find information about this voice rate boost feature. Did I miss it or is it just not there?
From: Gene New Zealand
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Subject: Re: [nvda] New user questions: voice rate, reading message in WLM.

Hi Janet


I do not use the programthat you metion so no answer there.


The answer to the second questions is press the ctrl key +nvda key + the letter V


next tab down to rate boost and check it with the space bar it is just under the rate one.


it might be a good idea first to drop the rate right down then check the rate boost box first then go back up and speed it up via the rate one.


The reason for that is it might go 2 fast and you may not be able to under stand it.


By the way which synth/voice package are you using? as it may not work on some other synth packages but will for sure on the e speak one


You will see what i mean if you try it with e speak and then with one that might not work with it.


Gene nz


On 3/3/2018 5:27 AM, Janet Brandly wrote:
Hello everyone,
After using Window-Eyes for many years I started using NVDa about a week ago and am quite impressed so far. Hopefully someone can answer a couple of questiongs: First, when reading messages in WLM, the message doesn’t start reading automatically when I open it. I have to first press “tab” which then says document. Then it reads the first and last lines. I have to use the up and down arrow keys to read the entire message. How can I read messages more smoothly and automatically? when I open them?
Second, I have the voice rate set to 100% which is sometimes too slow, especially when going through long lists of messages. I remember seeing somewhere that the rate can be increased up to 300%, but I don’t remember how to do this. Would someone please refresh my memory?
Thanks for your help, I’m sure I will have more questions over the next few weeks.

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